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Written with the blessing of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, to which the author will donate a percentage of his royalties, Nelson Mandela: Portrait of an Extraordinary Man is an inspirational book of wisdom that will encourage people of all ages to look within themselves to improve their lives, to reconsider the things they take for granted, and to think about the legacy they leave behind. He spent two years collaborating with Nelson Mandela on Mandela's bestselling and critically acclaimed autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom.

Mandela is godfather to his two sons and introduced him to his wife. Richard Stengel is one of those people who readily grasps this idea He has shown remarkable insight into the many complex leadership challenges still facing the world today and all the individuals in it. Everyone can learn from it. Rick Stengel's wise and moving book captures the Nelson Mandela I have been privileged to know Help Centre.

My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 15 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "If we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievements of others. Knowing Mandela.


Nelson Mandela A Force for Freedom. In Stock. Nelson Mandela Portrait of an Extraordinary Man. Mandela A Biography. Mandela : A Biography. In the Words of Nelson Mandela. Long Walk to Freedom. Nelson Mandela 3. The father of the Gupta brothers, Shiv Kumar Gupta, owned a tiny shop that sold government rations, or subsidized food, here in Saharanpur.

He was a pious, somewhat idiosyncratic man, who tossed bread to stray dogs from the basket of his bicycle on his way to the old temple every day, and he often spent nights meditating in its crematory. But he nurtured grand ambitions. One day, Mr. Gupta called over his oldest son, Ajay, to recount a newspaper article on the war between Iran and Iraq. The price of rice had skyrocketed there because, he told his son, all the traders had left the countries.

In the s, few people in Saharanpur left to seek their fortunes in places like China, Russia or South Africa. Most went to big cities like New Delhi, or to Britain or Canada. The brothers spoke proudly of their background, explaining why they were such good businessmen. The middle brother, Atul, went to South Africa in , right before it became a democracy.

In the years before and after the end of apartheid, South Africa, rattled by violence and political killings, seemed to be slipping into civil war. Many people with means, especially white South Africans, were packing into planes to London or Perth. But others — exiled South Africans and fortune-seekers — were flocking in. Then he started a company — Sahara, named after the family hometown — importing computer parts and assembling them for sale.

Christopher Hitchens on Nelson Mandela (1985)

And by chance, he made a personal connection to the A. In an interview, Mr. Pahad recalled that he had ordered some tailor-made Nehru-style shirts.

Mandela, a giant of empathy | DiploFoundation

But he had to return to South Africa before they were ready. Atul volunteered to pick them up and personally deliver them to Mr. After that, they ran into each other at functions at the Indian consulate. Pahad said. With their early ventures overseas, the Gupta brothers had found some success and bought their father his first car: a creamy white Contessa, the biggest made in India. But their father died a year later.

Only Ajay made it back home in time to say goodbye. An hour before Mr. Gupta died, he gave his watch and ring to Ajay, who wears them to this day. With the responsibility of the family on his shoulders, he eventually moved everyone to Johannesburg. When Mr. Pahad finally met Ajay, he was immediately impressed. Ajay got the big picture in South Africa, and seemed to understand that there was a place in it for the Guptas.

In the late s, as Mr. Mbeki prepared to become president, the A. Forging ties with countries like India and China could lessen their influence, Mr. Black South Africans had gained political power. But the white business elite, led by officials at Anglo American, had protected its own interests in the new South Africa. Long before the end of apartheid, Harry Oppenheimer, the head of the mining company, had led efforts to create — and co-opt, some historians say — a black elite. Mandela was released from Robben Island in , Anglo American executives visited him at his home in Soweto.

Other businessmen followed, to Mr. Mandela was particularly close to Mr. Oppenheimer, who gave him money, said Michael Spicer, a former executive at the company. Spicer said. Oppenheimer put together a team of economic advisers for Mr. In meetings, A. Soon enough, Mr. Mandela, who had supported nationalizing the economy, endorsed pro-business policies. But after becoming president, Mr. Mbeki moved to dampen the power of white businesses. He created his own group, which met at his residence each month, Mr. It included cabinet ministers, top businessmen, rising stars in the A.

Nelson Mandela Memorial: Obama Lauds ‘Giant Of History’

Ajay said he enjoyed the meetings. Mbeki sometimes even dropped by for lunch. Only a few years after settling in South Africa, Ajay had forged links to the highest levels of the A. Pahad said that he had appointed Ajay to the group to help build ties to India, but that he had asked nothing of the brothers. After leaving government, however, Mr.

Then they went on a buying spree, acquiring a struggling information technology company that helped them become one of the biggest computer distributors in South Africa. They later bought a uranium mine, a steel manufacturer and other businesses. Spicer, who once hitched a ride aboard it. Even as the Guptas thrived off their ties to Mr. Zuma, the No. The two leaders fought bitterly. So Mr. Pahad, Mr. Pahad recalled. Money was an unspoken dynamic in the battle between Mr. Mbeki and Mr.

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Zuma: Who in the A. And, perhaps more important, who had not? During Mr. So when Mr. But Mr. Zuma, plagued by personal and political scandals, was distrusted by the white business establishment. And more than a decade after apartheid, many white businesses felt they had done enough to help — a sentiment that angered people close to Mr.

The Guptas hired or became business partners with the sons of powerful A. It fell to the youngest of the Gupta brothers — the friendly and easygoing Rajesh, nicknamed Tony — to keep the sons happy. Tony also took the lead in pursuing business in Free State Province, where corruption had flourished under Ace Magashule, its leader at the time, A.

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  4. In an interview, Mxolisi Dukwana, then Mr. Tony asked Mr. Dukwana to endorse a large-scale development project in the province, promising him a monthly cut, Mr. Dukwana said. Tony added that he and the other two men in the room had a similar arrangement in a mining project, Mr. Magashule — declined interview requests. Dukwana said he turned down the offer and thought he would never see Tony again. But a few years later, after Mr.

    Dukwana had left government, he said Tony invited him to Johannesburg. He sensed that Tony was hedging his bets — leaving open the possibility of a future relationship. The Guptas also gained great influence over the president and his affairs. According to witnesses in the government inquiry into the Zuma years, the Guptas had a say in choosing ministers, or even offered positions to candidates directly. Zwane was appointed Mr. He had been unknown on the national stage, and had no experience in mining.

    But the Guptas knew him well. As agricultural minister in Free State Province, he had spearheaded a dairy project that, instead of helping poor black farmers, enriched A. The Guptas, who had a stake in the project, sponsored a trip to India for Mr. Zwane and his church choir, according to the Gupta company emails. They paid for his first-class flight to Dubai and his stay at a five-star hotel. Then, as soon as he became mining minister, Mr.

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    Zwane went to extraordinary lengths to help the brothers land a mining deal. The Guptas, along with Mr. Zwane, as mining minister, got directly involved. In Zurich in late , Mr. Zwane and Tony Gupta met with the head of Glencore and persuaded him to sell the mine to the Guptas.

    After the meeting, Mr. A Glencore spokesman declined to comment. Zwane also denied improper ties with the Guptas, declining to answer questions about his trip to Zurich. But the relationship was so close that a Gupta employee coached Mr. Zwane after he was appointed minister, the leaked emails show. Days before Mr. Zwane was scheduled to address the South African news media, an executive at a Gupta company sent an email with detailed advice.