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Albert Porter, tall and statuesque donned a blue eagle shirt with a sterling silver feather earring dangling from his right ear lobe. Read more…. We blinked and is almost over. The first snow of the season has already touched down in Michigan and Thanksgiving is just a week away. Photo: Urban Content Studios.

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Photo: sloanslakecitizensgroup. Photo: beonthetown. Photo: Netflix. Photo: epicureantravelerblog. Categories: Culture. For mountainous areas or colder weather, pack a beanie for warmth. And for more rugged hiking conditions, have a versatile outdoors hat that will protect you from the elements.

Nowadays, we take our phones everywhere with us.

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This means that your phone will be exposed to a lot of potentially damaging elements in South America — water, mud, dirt, sand and impact. And since having to deal with a broken cell phone is never convenient or easy — particularly while traveling in foreign destinations — we recommend keeping it safe in a waterproof phone case as much as possible.

Reading is the best leisure activity during these times, but books are heavy and impractical packing items. Instead, download as many books as you want on an e-reader or Kindle that packs away easily. Another backpacker favorite for staying organized is a hanging toiletry bag. One, it makes flights and other long-haul transportation much more comfortable. You should know ahead of time that not all outlet plugs and voltages in South America are the same. So, depending on which countries are on your itinerary, you may end up needing several different power configurations to keep your electronics charged and usable for your travels.

Having a backup power source on hand in your daypack to recharge dead or dying electronic devices is a smart idea. Be sure you have reef-safe sunscreen on your what to take to South America checklist. We recommend using only products that are free of the chemicals found in most sunscreens that are known to harm the underwater ecosystem. Every time you leave your room, be sure that your daypack is sufficiently stocked with biodegradable sanitizing hand wipes.

Your best safeguard against getting sick or catching an unwelcome bug is to keep your hands as clean as possible — and always before eating. Every backpacker venturing through adventure-packed destinations needs to travel equipped with a small first aid kit. You want to be prepared with a disinfecting ointment and bandage to treat any injury. Also have basic medications stocked — like headache, nausea and diarrhea pills — just for safe measure.


Knowing what to wear in South America is very important! What you wear to go trekking in the Ecuadorian Andes will differ greatly from what you wear for samba dancing in Brazil. Our best advice: pack a few versatile items that mix and match for a variety of weather and cultural conditions. Six items of clothing should yield at least nine or ten outfits — not six.

Wear swimsuits and beachwear when appropriate, but keep it on the beach. Both men and women should wear outfits with a dressier look -like nicer dress shirts, skinny jeans and well-fitting pants. The summer months are December, January and February, and South America weather will vary greatly depending on where you go. But overall, you can expect heat and often-muggy conditions when thinking about what to pack for South America.

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Summer time is especially popular in coastal hot spots, where the beach and water provide some reprieve from inland heat. Places like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Punta del Este in Uruguay get packed with revelers looking to party it up beach-style for the holidays. If these types of places are on your summer travel wishlist, be sure to plan and book well in advance.

South America in Summer image source: cuscoperu. Meanwhile, you may find extreme humid conditions and showers in other parts of the continent. Shorts, short-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, tanks and summer pants are all smart choices.

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  • For hiking or mountain area activities , pack a pair of convertible hiking pants and breathable shirts. Also, have a rain jacket on hand for possible summer showers. And have your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen ready! Most areas are still warm enough to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, without being smolderingly hot.

    Be sure to check conditions for your specific destinations beforehand. Autumn offers exceptionally beautiful sights in the vineyard areas of Chile and Argentina, and beaches in the southern part of Brazil are still warm. South America weather in the fall can range from warm to chilly to rainy, so you need to have options for it all.

    Pack a mix of short and long sleeves, shorts and pants and layering options like a light sweater and a light jacket.

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    Need a couple of South America outfit ideas? For the warm spots like Ipanema, a pair of linen summer pants with a cotton tank — or t-shirt for guys — with a sun hat for styling. Add a cardigan sweater for lower evening temperatures. For trendy big cities like Buenos Aires, a pair of dark jeans with a boho blouse — or a short-sleeve dress shirt for guys — is perfect for daytime and evening wear. He has traveled to 14 countries on five continents. New Mexico is a bilingual state w here Spanish and English is spoken. It has its own history, traditions, culture, and heritage dating to when the area was first settled by Spanish colonizers.

    It has its own historical figures, heroes, and eminent political leaders. Christopher Hurtado churtado LibraryThing. I have more than 18 years of experience in translation, foreign language instruction and cross-cultural training. Players see who can give the best argument for questions all over the Movie spectrum! Tune in live, vote for your favorite argument, and see who will go home as Movie Fights Champ. A full body harness and unique safety system keeps visitors safe, giving Interesting facts about Cuba. Cuba is one of the most interesting countries in the World with decades of history, turmoil, change and perseverance.

    The US Embargo alone is enough. Christopher Hurtado - Adjunct Instructor - Monticello. Integrity Press, Ltd. Portside Language Services. Ships promptly from Texas. Dominican Republic - Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge. Refine your search: Keywords : Activity. Spanish Empire in North America. The Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon was an early visitor to the Americas, traveling to the new world on Columbus s second voyage.

    He became the first governor of the present-day area of Puerto Rico in However, upon the death of Christopher Columbus, the Spanish did not allow Christopher s son to succeed.

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    Together they have nine children. Christopher Hurtado Author of Vacation Spanish. Chronology of Coast Guard History. The two strongest storms of the season were Hurricanes Florence and Michael, with winds of and mph and a minimum central pressure of and millibars, respectively. Breaking news and analysis from the U.