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The Professional Nurse. Handbook of Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Malignancies is a practical guide to management of lung cancer and other cancers of the thoracic cavity.

Thoracic Tumours: Essentials for Clinicians, 2nd edition | OncologyPRO

Edited by a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists from leading institutions, the book is an essential day-to-day reference for evidence-based care in thoracic oncology. This state-of-the-art handbook focuses on evidence-based conventional and novel treatment strategies that have been transforming the landscape of lung cancer and related tumors. It includes guidance on video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy, combined-modality therapy, molecular diagnostic testing leading to molecularly targeted therapy, immunotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, and site-directed treatment of oligometastatic disease.

Practical and applicable to the care of real-life patients, this pocket-style resource covers the entirety of the field and is indispensable for clinical oncologists treating and managing thoracic cancer as well as trainees in medical, radiation, and surgical oncology programs needing an accessible point of care resource in one of the most dynamic subspecialty areas in oncology.


Edited By: Katherine H. Tkaczuk MD Susan B. Kesmodel MD Steven J.

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Handbook of Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Malignancies

Administration, Management, and Leadership. Advanced Practice Nursing. Board Review and Certification. Cherry Ames Series. Community Health Nursing. Complementary, Integrative, and Alternative Medicine. Critical Care and Emergency. Fast Facts Series. Geriatric and Gerontological. Maternal, Neonatal, Women's Health.

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MedSurg and Acute Care Nursing. Nursing Education. Nursing General Interest. Palliative Care and End-of-Life. Pediatric Nursing. Professional Issues and Trends. Psychiatric Nursing.

Research, Theory, and Measurement. Undergraduate Nursing. Watson Caring Science Institute. Browse All. The summary of all chemotherapeutic agents at the end of the book is helpful. Also, the chapter on cost-effectiveness is novel and introduces the general concept of cost analysis to the reader very well. Overall, the Textbook of Lung Cancer is a useful addition to the library of anybody interested in thoracic malignancies, and I recommend it highly.

I enjoyed reading it and recommend it as ancillary reading for oncology trainees and for those interested in thoracic malignancies.

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The initial chapters covering the epidemiology of lung cancer, molecular biology, tobacco policy, smoking cessation, and lung cancer screening are excellent and particularly valuable, because these topics are not always included in books devoted to lung cancer. The authors provide concise overviews of those topics, emphasizing controversies without overloading the reader with unnecessary detail. The chapters covering treatment of non—small-cell lung cancer are divided by treatment modality surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy rather than by disease stage.

Although the topics are well-covered and include recent pertinent studies, some redundancy is present; for example, preoperative chemotherapy or chemoradiotherapy for Stage III cancer, which is discussed in three chapters surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. The treatment of small cell lung cancer is covered perhaps too concisely. Regrettably, no discussion is given of a recent Maria Werner-Wasik, M. The cells do not clearly look like adenocarcinoma or squamous cell lung cancer, and they are distinguished from small cell lung cancer cells by their larger size.

Many lung cancers that would have been considered large cell in the past are now being identified as lung adenocarcinoma or squamous cell lung cancer. Having this additional information is important for choosing treatment options. This type of lung cancer can be found anywhere in the lung, although it is more often found in the periphery.

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The majority of large cell lung cancers are diagnosed in men.